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Enviromend.com -- Enviromentally Positive Products...

Welcome to Enviromend.com. This portmanteau of environment and mend is an unused, high-quality brand available for prospective development.

Among other purposes, Enviromend.com would work especially well for a business focused on urban design, landscape architecture, environmental remediation, brownfield redevelopment, renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, sustainability consulting, eco-conscious fashion and household goods, or other environmentally focused startup.

Enviromend.com is held with the intention of future use and it is not for sale. The above custom designed logo is reserved for future use, as well. However, if you have a quality product or service backed by a solid team and a proper business plan, feel free to email. The owner would consider allowing you to use the domain name, and optional logo, for a monthly lease payment and/or equity stake.

Inquiry - Enviromend.com

Inquiry - Enviromend.com